Best 7z Password Unlocker Software

PassFIXER 7z Password unlocker tool has very simplest steps to recover and unlock 7z password in minutes. Get the software freeware 7z unlocker and unlock forgotten 7z password.

7z password unlocker
  • Recover any size of 7z Password Archive Password in seamless time
  • Fast scanning and password detection algorithm to help unlock forgotten 7z file password
  • 3-different unique type of 7z password recovery
  • Guaranteed 7z password unlocker with Brute Force attack
  • The Mask Attack algorithm helps to reduce password searching time & unlock 7z password proteted file
  • Recover & unlock any size of 7z file password
  • Unlock alphanumeric password of 7z file
  • Unicode 7zip password unlocker applicable
  • Option to copy recovered password to clipborad
  • Most helpful tool when you lost or forgotten 7zip archive password and needs to unlock it.
  • 100% reliable recovery steps to unlock 7z file in minimal time
  • Easy to install on all Windows OS editions and Unlock 7z Password Proteted File

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The demo version software show's first 3-charater password for 7z password protected file.

Features of PassFIXER 7z Password Unlocker

unlock 7z password

Reliable method to unlock 7z password

An automated best 7z password unlocker, that breaks password protected 7zip password and guarantees to recover password of any encrypted 7z file archive. Precisely retains the folder and sub folder hierarchy during and after the 7z password recovery.

recover and unlock 7z password file

Efficiently recover intricate password

For the security purposes, most of the users keep random combination passwords. This 7z unlocker tool is made with advanced techniques to unlock 7z/7zip password having characters like alphabetical, numeric, symbolic, and also various combinations of usernames by applying brute force attack.

7zip password unlocker software

Supports custom charset

Attempt to recover 7z password promptly, if the user has the hint of the prefix and suffix of the password then they can apply Mask Attack to boost up the 7z password unlocker process. This application unlock any length of 7z file password including numerical, special characters, uppercase and lowercase latin letters.

unlock 7z password protected file

Swiftly Unlock 7z Password Proteted File

The brilliant solution to recover 7z/7zip archive password having maximum and minimum length of the password with 100% security. Freeware 7z password unlocker tool that effectively helps to break 7z/ 7zip password in just three steps having comprehensive and intuitive graphical user interface.

quick 7z unlocker

Capable to recover simple variants password

Handy application that has the tendency to effortlessly unlock short passwords including ordinary words or possible combinations of common passwords and phrases. To get back 7zip password quickly, you can also apply your own customized dictionary with multiple word phrases.

fast 7z password recovery

Preserves 7z recovered password

Complete password restoration process is displayed on the screen and the entire recovered password automatically copy in clipboard that helps the users to directly apply it to original 7z archive and open 7z file instantly.

How It Works

Carefully follow the below mentioned steps and unlock 7z password with the complete password.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Does this software recover passwords having combination characters?

Definitely, it is capable to recover random combinations of user passwords including alpha- numeric, symbolic, special character etc. and unlock 7z password proteted file.

Can I unlock lengthy password of my 7zip file?

The tool is the best option to unlock maximum and minimum length of 7zip password with exact data.

How much character or letter will it show in the demo version?

The software will recover first three characters of your password and you can break the complete password by installing the complete version.

Does it take too much time to unlock the password?

It completely depends on your password type. Three types of attacks are offered by the tool according to your password and then it will break your password in least time.

How to recover 7zip password by using this utility?

You just have to follow the given below techniques to recover & Unlock 7z Password Proteted File quickly:

  • Install and commence the PassFixer 7z password unlocker
  • Pick up your locked 7zip or 7z archive from the specific location of your PC
  • Then, the three recovery attacks will be displayed, and you have to choose any one attack according to your preference
  • Finally, proceed to unprotect password protected 7zip file by hitting on the “Recover” button and the whole process is completed after some time

Does it support to recover UNICODE character without harming the original data?

Surely, yes the tool encode UNICODE character including English and Non- English characters.

Is the tool is compatible with the latest version of 7z file?

This utility supports all the versions of 7z and 7zip file such as 19.x, 18.x, 17.x, 16.x, 15.x, and other lower editions

Is there is any money back guarantee, if the tool does not work to unlock the password?

If the software does not work properly to recover the 7zip password, then undoubtedly we will return your money within 30 days.

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