How to Unlock Password Protected 7z file/ archive

unlock password protected 7z file
How to Unlock Password Protected 7z file/ archive

What is 7z Archive file

The 7z file extension is the archive file created with 7zip file format with high compression ratio. 7z files are used to preserve multiple files with advance algorithms. It is one of the archive files that contains folders and embedded with LZMA algorithms. In order to save the data of their file, usually users locked the file with password. But it becomes challenging for the users when they forgot their password and unable to access to the data of their 7z/7zip files. But, don’t worry we will guide you the right and appropriate way to sought out this problem. Just read this complete blog, in which you will get all the answers related how to unlock password protected 7z files.

We will discuss all the possible methods to unlock or recover password protected 7z file with some quick easy steps. And, the advance third party tool that will definitely retrieve or unlock the lost or forgotten password of your 7z file the minimum amount of time.

Follow the given below instructions to unlock password protected 7z file:

  • Method-1) Try the possible passwords to unlock 7z file
  • Method-2) Use the online 7z/7zip password unlocker tool
  • Method-3) Ultimately, 7z password unlocker to recover 7z password

Method-1) Try the possible passwords to unlock 7z file

The proficient way and simple way to unlock the 7z file password is by attempting the random combinations of usernames that can work to recover the 7z/ 7zip file password. If it’s still not working then implement the below given series of the possible combination passwords or long passphrases that can help you to unlock the 7z password protected file and you will able to decrypt the password with the correct one.

  • Apply some customary passwords such as abcd, 001, 002, 0123password, and name123 etc.
  • Search for some common words from the resources like internet.
  • Pick up all the names of your loved ones, their birth dates, pet names, and your favorite places.
  • Attempt your personal details, like your pin number, adhaar card no., and other file names.
  • At last, attempt all the long passphrases using mixed case, and all the combinations of above given guesses.

Method-2) Use the online 7z/7zip password unlocker tool

The method to unlock the 7z password with online 7z password recovery tool that assures to recover the 7zip password with zero cost. Any user can use this method by with high speed internet connection and also should be agree with their terms and conditions completely.

Method-3) Ultimately, 7z password unlocker to recover 7z password

If the password still not recovered by implementing the above mentioned password recovery hacks, there should be the surety that you have protected your 7z file with intricate and lengthy passwords. Your password may contain alpha- numeric, special characters, symbols, random combination of password, or any other password key. The astonishing PassFixer 7z password unlocker has the ability to break or recover 7z file password with advance algorithms. It has easy to use interface with three amazing recovery techniques- brute force attack, mask attack and dictionary attack. Complete recovery of the 7zip password is ensured and your internal data will be safe with 100% accuracy. So, without any doubt use this third party tool to swiftly unlock the password of 7z file.

Just follow the given below instructions:

1) Download the 7z password unlocker

Download PassFixer 7z Password Unlocker Tool by click here (Download Software) and install the software and start it on your Windows. After launching the tool, you can see all the functionalities with complete details. If you can check the compatibility of the software, then you can use its free demo edition that will allow you to recover the first three character or letters of your password. For the recovery of the entire password, just register to thr application.

2) Select 7z file from your device

Choose the 7z file that has been locked and you want to unlock the password. Press “open” and proceed.

3) Choose the suitable recovery attack

After proceeding it, your display will show you the three types attacks that are Brute force attack, Mask attack, and Dictionary attack. In case, you have not a single idea about your password then select brute force attack that will automatically try all the possible combinations of characters with long or short passphrases. If you know the part of your password like prefix or suffix then you can go with mask attack that will break the remaining password itself. And through dictionary attack, you can use your own custom dictionary and try all the passwords from them which will assist you the break the 7z file password.

Finally, if you are unable to understand that which password will be appropriate to unlock your file then keep the default option.

4) Then, hit the “start” icon to recover 7z file password.

5) After the complete procedure your 7z recovered password will be displayed on your computer.


Whenever you forgot the 7z file password and want the solution of how to unlock password protected 7z file then try these techniques. And for the best and quick results, use the third party tool that can be used by any average or non tech user to unlock the 7zip/7z password without any dilemma.

Written by Dina Dobrey,